My Favourite Oatmeal Recipe of All Time

I finally have time to do things I love (such as sleeping).
I woke up at 1pm today and I felt amazing since I was sleep deprived since October.
I wanted to post some recipes but I’ve really had no time. My lunches have literally just been cereal in a mason jar and granola bars. 😦
Since we have 2 weeks off I can finally go back to actually cooking whole foods and stuff.Best oats

Today I’m sharing one of my favourite oatmeal recipes. Honestly I just threw whatever I could find in my cabinet in my oatmeal, but the combination turned out AH-MAZ-ING. It’s basically like a chocolate banana nut muffin covered in peanut butter and coconut. best oats4

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Healthier Homemade Pumpkin Pie

DSC00661Hello beautiful people.
I understand that Thanksgiving was weeks ago, and Halloween was days ago, but I’ve been focusing so much on my academics, everything else in my life has been on hold.
I made pumpkin pie though.DSC00670DSC00671Disani if you’re reading this I apologize for posting the recipe weeks later. 
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100 Things I’m Grateful For

Hello beautiful people!
The last few months have been pretty amazing. No exams, no stress, no summer school. I’ve spent most of my time actually being with the people I love and doing the things I love.
Lately I’ve been having days where I’m really melancholy though, about the most stupid first world things.
This post is for me to really acknowledge all the things I have, whether it be big or small. There’s so many things that make me happy which can easily outweigh all the negatives.
Whenever I’m feeling down, I’ll reread these over and over again.
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Vietnamese Sweet Black Bean Soup with Coconut Cream

DSC00600Happy June beautiful people!

I wanted to share a dessert.

So my ethnicity is 100% Vietnamese, and growing up my parents would always have Vietnamese desserts, especially in the summer.
Vietnamese sweet beverages, soups, and puddings are called “Chè” and are usually made out of ingredients such as beans, tapioca, coconut milk, fruit, and aloe vera.

What I love about Asian desserts is that there’s always an ingredient that’s really nutrient dense.

DSC00603This one consists of black beans.
You’re literally eating a cup of black beans.
This dessert specifically is called “Chè đậu đen” (đậu đen = black bean) and is one of the more popular varieties – especially in Northern Vietnam.
The dish is very fragrant and cooling, but could also be served warm. I personally dislike black beans in savoury dishes, but this dessert wins for me.
Maybe it’s just because I like anything sweet.
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Giving Up Perfection

This is going to be a very personal post.
Disclaimer that this is not meant for attention in any way. This is a past experience that I value wholeheartedly. Consider this a first world problem if you must, but mental health is an issue in today’s society that should be vocalized. This is who I am, where I come from, and is intended to inspire you to please take care of yourself.
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