DSC00528Hello beautiful people!
I was born 16 years ago!

I hosted my “party” today, even though it was a Tuesday. The school board is currently on strike so… no school for me! At first I was actually upset, because I wanted people to sing happy birthday to me in school…
But today was so amazing! Just me and four of my friends… in my house… with Netflix.

The first thing I did today when I woke up was make a smoothie for my brother to take to school. My family has been loving smoothies these past few days which makes me so happy.

I then decided to prepare some chocolate covered fruit skewers for my guests.DSC00463 DSC00466 DSC00468

Aaaaand I had banana ice cream for breakfast DSC00474

Of course, Connie was the first to show up.
She ate like, 4/6 of the skewers.
The boys were going through YouTube while  I was preparing my own birthday cake, Strawberry Banana Cream Cake with Mint. DSC00480It really took a long time to make… The cashew cream layer took forever to blend and I was so worried that the final product would be horrendous, since the cream layer wasn’t perfectly smooth. Everyone else was using my television while I was trying to blend like, 2 cups of solid cashews in a blender.
I prepared some summer rolls for my guests while waiting for the cake to solidify.DSC00486

Connie in her natural habitat

We spent the rest of the time watching Netflix, of course. I chose to watch The House at the End of the Street because the rating on my profile was 4/5 stars… and because it starred Jennifer Lawrence.
It was actually really bad though, but we made fun commentaries.

My friends insisted me opening my gifts after.
The first thing I picked up was a palm-sized card.

Connie’s hand drawn card featuring the cake we made that day
“If you die, walk it off”…she made her parents sign too
I realized my friend Josh didn’t even sign it

As you can see they enjoy writing long, in depth messages.

Second thing I see in the bag was a tissue box from my friend, Gavin.
DSC00496I didn’t feel disappointed or anything, I was kind of expecting this. I laughed as a my reaction.

“A tissue box?”
“Oh okay, thanks!”
“…Aren’t you gonna use it?”

Basically he was implying me to open it.
DSC00497DSC00498A Whole Foods gift card?! For $50?! I was in awe, because that was the cutest joke ever.
We actually all went to Whole Foods yesterday and I noticed all of my friends kind of lurking around and telling me to go away.

Connie had more parts to her gift though.

A tea cup with bunny rabbits
A kitten plate

I am actually so in love with these utensils! I’m going to eat everything in these now!
DSC00506She also provided me a little blank notebook as well.
Thank you Connie and Gavin!

Connie says these things were only half of her gifts for me, and the rest would be delivered later.
My other friends’ gifts haven’t “arrived” yet, so I’m looking forward to the surprise.

My father came home while we were watching the film and gave me a present too. I told both my parents I didn’t want anything from them, as I said their parenting is good enough for me. They cook, clean, drive, do laundry, work, and have to put up with me. I sincerely did not want anything from them at all! I didn’t want anything because I had everything that I needed.

….buuuuuuuuut my dad bought me an expensive watch.
DSC00531In the beginning I totally panicked! I love the watch, it’s beautiful, and I’m grateful, trust me. However, now I felt like I didn’t deserve this, they’ve done so much for me already as my parents! I didn’t want to accept it, I felt like I was so much of a burden to my parents. I kept my grades super high and did everything I could to not provide them with any trouble. So whenever they buy me anything above $50 (that’s not groceries), I would feel complete guilt.
If I didn’t accept the gift though, that would be rude (which was what my mom told me when I told her how I kind of felt). So of course, I accepted it. But now I felt guilty for implying to my dad that I didn’t want the gift.
I’m going to wear it like, every day now.

I asked them not to get me anything for next year, or for Christmas, or anything like that because really, their love is enough for me (apologies for cheesiness). I just don’t want them to go out of their way for me, even though I’m there daughter. Is that weird? Have you ever felt like that?
I’m in the middle of drawing a portrait of my mother for Mother’s Day, now for my dad…

The cake wasn’t even firm after those three, four hours… and I had limited toppings because I used all my fruit for my guests.
DSC00511It wasn’t as beautiful portrayed it to be… There was a lot of difficulties with the springform pan, and I had to randomly apply the decorations super fast because it was melting.
It was delicious though, like seriously. It was so, so creamy. I would’ve prefered it over any ordinary cake any day.

And then they all started watching Futurama.DSC00488DSC00491My friends were very bad at singing Happy Birthday though. They were also very awkward during photos. After they all left, my parents prepared summer rolls for my dinner. DSC00528 In all honestly, when I was 10 years old I expected my sweet 16 to be filled with hundreds of people, gifts and loud music. It ended up with 4 people I’ve known for for ages (plus my brother in the photo), banana ice cream, fruit skewers, lopsided-homemade cake, and semi-horror films.


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